This site is a digital archive of one Yi community's ethnomycological knowledge, recorded between 2014-2015.


As locals currently do not use a written language for this dialect of Yi, all Yi names have been transliterated using the Mandarin Pinyin system. This is the same method used by locals, who write Mandarin characters that most mimic the sound of their Yi words when writing them down. Thus "achimepei" should be read as: "a-chi-me-pei". Audio recordings are also included to more accurately preserve the mushroom names.


As with much taxonomic knowledge, not all locals use the same names to refer to the same morphospecies. Sometimes a folk species may represent many scientifically recognized species, and vice versa. Here, I have tried to present the most common local folk species, with names, photographs, and potential Latin name identifications.



WARNING: This guide should not be used for mushroom identification by would-be foragers, please consult an expert instead!