In Yi, "se" means kuosong, or a local pine tree with edible pinenuts. Locals say that this mushroom grows where there are kuosong trees. Some say there are several types, some of which are edible, while others are not. Some describe this as a red-capped and yellow-pored fungi. There is also a white type, which is sometimes referred to as "qingmaojun". Dried and sold.

用彝族话来说,“se” 的意思是指一种本地有食用松果的松树。当地人说,这种蘑菇生长的地方常常有这种松树在他的周围。有人说,有几种类型,其中有些是可食用的,而有些不能吃。一些描述这种作为红色封端的和黄色的细孔菌子。也有一个白色的类型,有时被称为 “qingmaojun”。烘干和销售。

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Evernote Snapshot 20150928 134952


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